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New Novella Out Now-GirlBeast

3/28/20241 min read

" Imagine the reality of this real-life horror that females go through, wrapped up in an unexpected twist. This not only makes the main character lose her grip but also whips the reader into a hurricane of reality and blood-curdling horrors. Now, that's the talent of this author! Taking an actual horror and wrapping it into a nightmare etched in ink and soon on your soul" -Jake Bannerman

Maxine wasn't sure what she was expecting would happen to her when she got her first period, but it definitely wasn't a werewolf transformation

When middle school outcast Maxine gets her first period during her thirteenth birthday party, she starts going through a series of transformations, growing claws and fangs, heightened senses, and periods of black-out rage that seem to go on for longer and longer. When the challenges of her life come to a head, Maxine begins to lose control, losing sight of her humanity and becoming more animal than human. Will she stay a normal human girl or will she let her animal side take over, tearing apart everyone who has ever wronged her?

Carrie meets Ginger Snaps, this coming-of-age horror story does not shy away from the gruesome realities of being a thirteen-year-old girl.

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